Thursday, November 05, 2009


BOY is he hungry when he comes home from school! He's been eating well at school, too, and he has a snack at 2:30, but I think he likes to eat with abandon here at home. He loves to carry around the big giant thing of pretzels that I get at Costco, and he loves to snatch them away from Maria. He will share with Mike or me, but not her. She's a pain, too, though, so I don't blame him. She only wants things that he has. She does love him, though. She gave him a big kiss tonight when he was lying on the floor so I could change his diaper. "Muah!" she says. Later, Mike asked her if she wanted to go downstairs (he usually takes them both down there so the baby can nurse and be settled down) and she went over to Anthony, right away - "Downstairs? Downstairs?" He went, but not with her.

He is going to start going to his old preschool one day a week, starting the week after next. He's going to get occupational and speech therapy there, so we decided that it would be best if he went from a classroom setting, instead of just dropping him off for therapy. Then he'll be home with us one afternoon a week. We'll see how it goes. I think it will be okay, even though his ABA people seem unsure about it. We're not married to it, either way. If it seems to not be working well for him, we'll stop. The possibilities are truly endless, we could do ABA at home, if we needed to, although I'd rather not. Hopefully it will just work out, we'll see. He is doing very, very well. Monday I went to get him and, with some prompting, he said "Hi! Hi Mommy!" So that's promising.
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