Thursday, November 26, 2009


Of course we are thankful for Anthony. Tonight we were downstairs before he went up for his bath and I said "I love you" and he said "I You", which is his version of it, so that was sweet. He loves to climb up on my chair when I am holding the baby and rub against my back, but I am trying to make him ask for it, but I don't know what to call it. Today he was pawing at me and I said "what do you want?" and he seemed confused - I mean, I think he would have said it but he really has no word for it. So I said "Mommy?" and he said, pleased, "Mommy!". It was super sweet. I am thankful for the insurance mandate in Indiana and I am thankful for his school and therapists. I am thankful for his sisters and I am thankful for his father. I am thankful for his grandparents and his aunts and uncles (and really mostly for his Aunt Laura, who comes over regularly even though it is insane here and we eat every meal in like six minutes or less). I am thankful for the dips and turns in his life. Right now he is going through kind of a hard time - well, it's hard for me. He seems a little bit removed from me - he is not making much eye contact and seems, for the most part, to prefer to spend time alone. As I said, they say how he is using all these two word phrases at school and he's not doing it so much at home. I am impatient, and I am grateful that he has days, even when he is not at his best, that he will say "Mommy" and "I You". Because I him too. :)
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Lacey said...

This made me tear up Joanne! You are such a good mama... :)