Thursday, November 12, 2009


Now he can go back to school on Monday. Sigh. It's been very frustrating, dealing with his school. But I suppose this is how it is, right? I know all my friends whose kids are in school or daycare or whatever have to deal with some kind of nonsense or another. I have to say, it doesn't really make me feel like a Mother Warrior, like that jackass Jenny McCarthy would have you believe. It just makes me feel like a mother. I told Mike the other day, after Anthony's IEP, those meetings are depressing because no one in them really cares about Anthony except me. I'm sure that in their own way, those bureaucrats care about Anthony, but no one believes in just Anthony, no one believes that some day he'll be able to go to a regular school, no one believes that he'll be okay except me, in those meetings. But I'm the only one in those meetings whose job it is to believe it, I suppose.

Anyway, he's mostly better. He hasn't had a fever for two days, but he is still a little puny, so I think we probably wouldn't have sent him in today, anyway.
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