Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here's my favorite picture from 2009, I guess. It's hard to decide! I would do better to do like my friend Hannah, month by month, but I have no time for that. Maybe later.

I'm sure Anthony has no resolutions, but I do, with regard to him. I pray for it every night when I am saying our prayers, but I hope that Anthony's mommy and daddy (I'm not being cute, this is just what I say in our prayers) can have all the patience and love that they need to get Anthony where he needs to go. We are thankful for his school and therapists and his family, all of whom love him so, so much. I am sometimes despondent over how our days go, but not our years. Anthony has come a long way in 2009 and I am bullish for the future.

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