Sunday, December 20, 2009

Loony Bin

This weekend, like every weekend, Anthony wants to rub his belly all over my back. At his party yesterday, I had to be careful every time I got down on the floor (which can be often, I am sometimes getting Maria or Veronica), because he whips my shirt up. At home, obviously, I don't mind as much as I do out in public, but it's challenging anyway. Sometimes by the afternoon, my back is HOT with hives, I can't stand it. I also don't like that he'll whip up my shirt, rub against me, and then leave me there with my shirt up! He doesn't even have the decency, I tell him, to pull down my shirt, what the hell? Laura was over today and we were laughing - Mike said maybe I should just wear a bathing suit around the house and that way Anthony wouldn't have to pull up my shirt. I said sure, a bathing suit, combined with the shower cap that I should wear so Veronica can't pull my hair, that says sanity to me! Good God.

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Lisa said...

...reminds me of Will and Grace when Jack and Karen rubbed bellies all the time. LOL!