Sunday, December 06, 2009


They used to look so much alike, and they really don't anymore, do they? Oh, Anthony, what kind of day we've had with you!

He woke up around 3:00, for the day and he never took a nap. I put him to bed and he wouldn't even go to sleep, he was so charged up. I just said good night and he banged around in there for a while, but is asleep now. Now I am just hoping he sleeps all night. He is so, so, SO loud and noisy, it's hard to believe. I wish there was a way to tone it down, just a bit, but there's not. He has to get out whatever he has to get out. I get really freaked out sometimes because I think how will we ever be able to take him anywhere? How will he ever go to church with us? But it's stupid to worry about, maybe some day he'll just stop in the same way he just started. Maybe.
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