Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This is an article that I read recently, the author is a mom whose blog I read. She has three kids, one of whom is autistic, and she is married to a government attorney, so I like her a lot, naturally. HA!

Anyways, she talks about Jim Carrey, the self-appointed "autism whisperer" who has no more career, I guess, so now he goes on Oprah with his girlfriend/whore to be seen by the masses. He tweeted, I guess, about how it's going to be impossible to have healthy kids if the autism rate keeps going up.

Anthony has many issues, but honest to God, it has never occurred to me that he is unhealthy! He is very healthy, I'd say. He's had one ear infection in his life, he had had a lot of colds and stuff since he started school but man. He is not unhealthy. And it blows my mind that Jim Carrey, who is supposed to be an ADVOCATE for people with autism, would imply that just because someone is autistic, they are unhealthy. When he implies things like that about people with autism, I think people are likely to believe him, because a) he's a celebrity and b) he supposedly cares so much about autistic people. This is dangerous because if more people believe that people with autism are 'unhealthy', they might not want to be around the autistic person, maybe they think they'll catch it or something. It's the same as that stupid Jenny McCarthy - I saw her on Oprah one time talking to a mom who had BOTH HER ARMS REMOVED - JM told the woman that she knew how she felt, not being able to hug her child, because autistic kids don't like physical contact. Sigh. I'm sure she meant to say SOME autistic kids or maybe just SOME KIDS, but she didn't. Jerks.

It is hard enough to care for our kids with autism, especially (I daresay) for our kids who can't talk, to literally have to be their voice, without having to combat these IDIOTS who are using autism as their cause to get themselves noticed. IF Jenny McCarthy's son has autism, and I say if because I believe she says now that he is cured, but if he does, why doesn't she just mind her beeswax and her own child? Why make it so hard on the rest of us?


Stimey said...

Those two make me so mad. The thing that I think makes me the maddest is how they speak about all autism parents as if we feel the same. Ugh.

Abby said...

Yep.... I think we are lumping a ton of children in this 'autism' group because maybe it makes people feel less isolated and a little bit more hopeful? I have more of a problem with the 'cured' piece, as if there is a special code to 'fix' your child. It's like a double slap- your child is broken and if you just tried harder, you could solve the 'problem'. sad- anthony is perfect the way he is, it's just up to us to figure out how to help him (and children like him) be who God created them to be and figure out how in the world we can really appreciate that with out all of the other 'stuff' getting in the way.

chazma said...

Merry Christmas to a great Mom!