Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This Week

Anthony was sick on Monday but it was short-lived. I knew it would be because both girls had it too, but just for like 12 hours, so strange.

This toilet training is going to kill me. It's just like with Maria but more. Such high highs! Such low lows! Poop is gross! Same. But Maria never PEED on me. I'm just saying.

When I am really low about it, I cry and cry and think I can't do it, I just can't, I can't make it work, there's no way. But then I gather myself together and remind myself of how well he's doing. How he's been accident-free several days at school, MOST days even. How he's pooped in the potty at school several times. How, if you catch him peeing and say STOP!, he'll stop. How new this all is to him. I remind myself of all that, and I do some laundry, and then I feel better. We are working on a strategy at school to make sure that he is successful here at home, too, DESPITE a certain SISTER (pictured) trying to SCREW EVERYTHING up. Ha, I'm kidding, but she's a pain.

So. He's doing fine, sleeping (redacted), behaviors are at a minimum, he seems happy and today - today! - he was chosen as LINE LEADER at school because he was sitting so well and being so good. Anthony! Line Leader! I don't really know what it means but it sounds good, right? RESPONSIBLE?

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