Monday, August 29, 2011

Toe Walking

Ugh, Anthony's OT emailed me today to say how tight his calves are from toe walking and how we should get him back into sneakers and if that doesn't work we'll have to add orthotics and if THAT doesn't work, we'll have to think about braces.  I wish this child could catch a break - today is four weeks since we started toilet training and we're moving right into braces.  

I have really enjoyed this summer while Anthony has been wearing Crocs.  We were having such a hard time with him keeping his shoes on, he would always take them off on the way to school and then usually stuff his socks in his mouth.  Once we got him the Crocs, of course he still took them off but he could be responsible for putting them back on, which seemed like a good thing.  He also looked like such a normal little kid to me in those Crocs.  I KNOW I shouldn't wish that he was normal and I don't - I wish he was just like he is, he is perfect to me.  It just slaps me in the face every time someone takes something away from us, even if it's for his own good.  


Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

All my boys wear is Crocs. And I love it for exact same reasons - because they can put them on themselves, and because they look so normal in them. And I get tired of being told I shouldn't wish they were "normal." I can't help it.

Joanne said...

I can't either.

Salt in Suburbia said...

Found this post from Bonnie's FB link. I have 7-year old twins on the spectrum. I have been reading your blog posts for a half hour at least (I even liked your Catholic for God's sake post on Confession and I'm not even Catholic). I can relate to so many of the things you have the courage to write about. Ughh, it's so hard not to wonder what your child would be if you could just strip away the autism. I think about it all the time.