Monday, October 17, 2011

Anthony and the Girls

All of the kids, except Veronica, have a book with their name in it.  Anthony's is called Anthony and the Girls and it's super cute.  I guess it's prescient too because now it really is Anthony and the girls around here.  Felicity Rose Beck was born on October 10, she is gorgeous and perfect and sweet.
Anthony had a great week in school last week while I was gone, I'm not sure what that says about me, I'm going to guess and hope NOTHING, ha!  We had a rough weekend for our first weekend as a family of six, but what can you do.  Saturday was our worst toilet training day in a long time, it was HORRIBLE.  We are just going to keep trying and being consistent and hope that we can start to do as well at home as we do at school.  If I think about it too much, the disparity between his success at school and at home, it makes me want to yell and scream so I don't think about it too much.  I am just determined to make it work here at home and that is that.
He seems largely uninterested in the baby, but funnily enough, Maria has been all over him lately, they have been playing chase a lot and hanging out.  I mean, it's mostly her and not him but I'm glad they have each other anyway.
Mike and I went to church on Saturday and there was a man several rows in front of us who was stimming with one hand and flapping around this pillow with the other.  The pillow had little bells and ribbons on it, I imagine it was fun for him to see those things whipping around.  I noticed him and then didn't think of it again, but then later in the Mass, that man started to WHACK his head, oh my LORD it was loud.  I mean - it was LOUD, I bet you could have heard it outside.  It was loud like the whack in the song Head Over Heels, by Belinda Carlisle, you know what I mean?  LOUD.  And I hoped, for the millionth time, that Anthony never does that.  I always tell myself that people wouldn't do it if it was really going to hurt them but there is no way that this couldn't have hurt that man.  And I know that he is older, not Anthony, not the same thing at all, but wow, it was upsetting.  He didn't really seem like a person who had a lot of options in life and I hope and pray that it didn't hurt him and that he did get some comfort out of it.  Aaaaand because I am selfish, I hope Anthony never does it.
Anyways.  I will hopefully get some pictures taken this week and we can get back on track, blog-wise, here soon.

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