Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Mike took this, he takes much better pictures than I do. Anthony is having a good week, kind of. Tonight he went right to sleep, which hardly ever happens but it happens enough that Mike and I know what it means, which is that he will probably be up at 4:00 in the morning. Mike said, and it's true, of course we want him to go right to sleep, he has been having terrible tantrums at night so we are glad when he is spared those. But at what cost? Then he wakes up tomorrow at 4:00 and is miserable by 8:00? Plus we are awake then too, so we are really tired? More tired? Ugh. I wish he could just a) go to sleep without dreadful tantrums and b) still sleep until 6:00 or so. Oh well, he's not a robot - he's a human being with some funky ass sleeping patterns. What can you do? He had a great day today, his therapists said, so maybe it will continue. We'll see. You never know, as my nephew Parker says. You never know.

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Salt in Suburbia said...

That IS a cute photo! Wishing you rest.