Tuesday, December 06, 2011


I just noticed that my last post was my 1500th.  FIFTEEN HUNDRED!  Holy crap!  That's a lot, right?!  I can't stop with the exclamation points!  Whenever that happens I think of this old Snoopy cartoon, is that what they're called?  Snoopy?  Charlie Brown?  PEANUTS!  Sheesh.  Anyways, I forget who, maybe Linus, is writing a letter to his pen pal and it goes something like this:

Dear Pen Pal,

How are you?  I am fine?  Today in school we learned about the question mark?  And when to use it?


I don't have much to say, Anthony went to bed late and woke up EARLY.  EAAAARLY.  It was super sad because Felicity slept all night with only one wakeup for the first time ever and there we were at 4:45, Mike and me, wide awake and tense because Anthony was yelling away in his room.  He had kind of a 'rough afternoon', his therapist said, he was all red-eyed and sad.  BUT he had Jump Bunch today and they said he is learning to throw the ball harder and faster!  Yay!  Also, he had a Music Therapy progress report, and apparently he is getting better at requesting to dance.  That sort of makes my heart sing, because he has always been a good dancer.  When I talk about things like this, Jump Bunch, and Music Therapy, I think about how lucky Anthony is and how many people work every freaking day of his life to keep him moving in a forward direction.  We are all really lucky, even if we are tired and losing our looks because of a lack of sleep.  :)


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