Wednesday, January 04, 2012

First Thanksgiving

Whenever I have a little baby, I always think of when Anthony was a little baby. He didn't stop talking one day, I don't feel like we LOST him or anything, but when I think about how I couldn't get him to sit in a chair like this now, couldn't get him to smile at me or look straight at me, it makes me feel kind of depressed. It shouldn't, I mean, Maria wouldn't do what I say now either, unless she felt like it. But wasn't he so cute? In his little outfit, with his old man hair?

He's doing well, LORD he's happy to be back at school, he went back yesterday. He had TWO accidents, which stinks, but I suppose is to be expected, since it was a crazy week here. He has been doing well overall, we are just soldiering on.

This year I'd like to get him into some kind of hippotherapy, some kind of riding. I hope he can go to camp again. I'd like for him to be as toilet trained at home as he is at school. I hope he has a great year, I can't believe he'll be SEVEN. SEVEN!
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RoseBFK said...

He always reminded me of my cousin, John J. Finnegan in this picture. He is a beautiful boy and always has been. All hopes for a wonderful, productive year for him too.

RoseBFK said...
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Ky Eliza said...

Oh, Joanne, this is an old post, but I hope you'll see this-- if you can get him into hippotherapy at ALL, it could be wonderful. I've seen it change lives drastically. I'm sure you know this already, I'm just giving you a first-hand perspective.