Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So we went to NJ last week and by we I mean me, my mom, Maria and Veronica.  Mike took off from work and stayed with Felicity and Anthony.  I guess they had a good week, it started when Anthony's platelets were 145,000 (!) at his checkup.  Now he doesn't have to go for two weeks!  So that's all great news.  He is doing well with the PECS thing, Mike and I are going in this week to see him working with it, I can't wait.

I took this picture of him and Felicity last week, isn't it cute?  She loves him overtly and he loves her down deep.  He loves me BOTH ways, I'm proud to say.  We got home on Monday, I hadn't seen him since Tuesday morning and I missed him like crazy, of course.  But I wasn't sure if he missed me.  Mike went to get him and I met them out in the driveway and that child ran right into my arms.  I was relieved but not incredibly surprised, I know he loves me.  Sometimes I just forget, is all.

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