Tuesday, September 04, 2012


I feel the need to write every day about Anthony because every day someone says "how's Anthony?".  So if anyone is wondering, I am going to answer, he's just fine.  Today his program manager was out and her substitute called and said Anthony pinched his leg on the swing and it was bleeding.  He said it was bleeding normally but he just wanted to let me know.  I told him that while Anthony was in the hospital, he had scratched at some bug bites and they bled but just a little.  I said keep an eye on it and if it seems like it's extreme to call me but of course they never did, it was fine.

But oy, what a thing, right?  To have to think about every little bump and bruise?  I was thinking today thank God it's not Maria, she falls 100 times a day and I am only barely exaggerating.  I am trying to concentrate on the good parts of this - Anthony is seven and he never falls down, he is not a self injurious person, um, I guess that's it.  But it's something!

I am hoping that we have good news Thursday, I am praying and asking for all prayers, too.

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