Sunday, September 02, 2012


Anthony went to the pediatric hematologist on Friday and it wasn't great news.  The blood test showed his platelets to be 6,000.  They are supposed to be 150,000-400,000 normally and the doctor wanted to see them higher than 6,000, maybe higher than 10,000?  I don't really understand it because he does seem better, he has no new bruises and he had all those bruises in his mouth and they're not there anymore.  But anyways, he didn't seem to be responding to the treatment from Monday night.  The doctor said there is a possibility that Anthony is just a slow responder and will maybe do better on the blood test this week, but to me it seems unlikely.

On Thursday, he'll go to the doctor again and we'll figure out what to do if the blood test doesn't show that he has a higher platelet count.  If it's the same, I guess we'll have to discuss other medicines or options.  Maybe he'll take steroids or maybe we'll do nothing.  We are concerned about Anthony hurting himself and the possibility of internal bleeding, so I'm not sure what we'll do.

Myself, I have scheduled any concern for Thursday - I figure there is no point in worrying if it's going to be good news on Thursday.  I am praying for a good outcome and I have faith that it will all work out all right.

Throughout all of it, Anthony seems fine.  He is relatively happy and he's doing well with his PECS.  He's getting there, wherever THERE is, ha!

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