Saturday, March 20, 2010

Emo Anthony

Eating blueberries and thinking about life. We went to this Autism Expo today, just me and Anthony, which is always fun. He was so good but I was helped out by the fact that there was one booth that had lollipops, so that kept him pretty happy. We saw the booth from his school, and two of his three therapists, Heather and Kyle. He was a little weirded out by the fact that he was seeing them on the weekend but he seemed happy and said HI. The expo was kind of a bust, for me. They had a lot of chiropractors there (ugh) and financial planners. I was walking by one and this woman said to the guy "What do you do?" and he said "I take care of the questions that keep you up at night". Riiiiight. Because HE knows her so well, we all have kids with autism so the exact same things keep us up at night, and we need HIM and his HELP. Whatever. He didn't even have lollipops! :) I saw some moms that I know and it was fun but man it was crowded, lots of tables in a too small space, which seems DUMB for a place that is going to be filled with kids with autism, who can be al ittle ticky about a crowd. BUT I'm glad I went and I bought a book and Anthony and I had a fun outing, so I'll take it.
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