Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Probably Braying

Oh this kid can make some noise! My favorite is when he comes up behind me when I am nursing, pulls up my shirt, pulls up his shirt, rubs his belly on my back and then, with the final insult, BRAYS IN MY EAR. He was outside in this picture, last night, which he seems to love. I read this great blog about a woman whose son is autistic and has a lot of sensory issues, like Anthony, but he is 12. Anyway, she is in NJ (the lucky duck) and she takes him to the beach a lot. He loves the wind and surf. I think Anthony likes to be out in the elements too, he likes the constant push on his face. Then he is really unhappy when he comes in, but you can't have it all. I told Mike last night, I wish there was a way to put a fan in his room but there just isn't. He would tear it down so fast it would make my head spin. He's home today, on spring break from his preschool, so just today. I am grateful that it's just one day and also that it's nice out and also that my sister is coming over today.

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