Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday, Outside

Thank God it's warmer out. Anthony loves to be outside, I feel like he eats and sleeps better, too, when he can get outside a little. Not that I am talking about how he sleeps, because I am NOT. Mike went to our monthly-ish meeting at A's school today. They are working on a million little things with him, he's doing well but of course it's all too SLOW for my taste. We are really eager to teach Anthony how to SPIT, which I know is gross, but we brush his teeth with toothpaste and flouride, and I just hate the thought of him injesting all that flouride, but what can you do? We have to brush his teeth. I don't ever want him to have to have another cavity filled, ever. :)
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Stephanie said...

Can you use the toothpaste that is ok to swallow? I know it doesn't have flouride...but he can swallow it and you don't have to worry and at least his teeth are getting brushed.

Joanne said...

I should get some because we brush his teeth with toothpaste and then we brush it with flouride, too, so that would cut it in half and he would still get the flouride, which I think might be the only thing that stops cavities. I'm going to go to right now, thanks!