Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ice Cream

This child loves the ice cream. As long as he says it, he can have it, so he ends up having like two per day. They are Skinny Cow low fat ice cream sandwiches, though, so he can watch his figure. Ha! One of his therapists is having her last day with him tomorrow, she is going back to school. Her name is Abby and she wrote us the sweetest note last week about how much she enjoyed working with him and how she'd miss him. Anthony really likes her too and I know if he could miss someone, he'd miss her. I mean, I'm sure he'll miss her but he just might not know it, or communicate it. Anyways. He is doing well, I am glad tomorrow is Thursday and it's my last day of the week to go and get him at school. Fridays he comes home with Amy for home therapy and it's been really going well. Sometimes he is like, 'what the hell, WHY am I being asked to  do things at home?' but mostly he is pretty plucky.
Oh! We had his occupational therapy assessment this week and I really, really liked the therapist. She seemed to really understand Anthony and what his major issues are. I could sort of see that sweet boy that he used to be, when the therapist was swinging him around, and it was just great. He made eye contact with me and was like WHERE HAS MY SWING BEEN, MOTHER?

He's going to start at the end of the month and I am just praying that it all works out, schedule wise. On Tuesday of next week, I'm having a meeting with his public school people and I am hopeful that they'll tell me that he can have his school day be any day but Tuesday OR that the OT at his other school will be able to see him on Thursday. I'm confident it will all work out. I'm really pleased about how this OT thing is going at his school. I mentioned it to the executive director, that I would love to know if she knew an OT that would come to his school and that would be able to run the insurance (this is our big issue with his speech therapist, we have to do all the billing ourselves and it's a GIANT pain), and she just ... got someone, and boom! we had an evaluation, and boom! now she's going to see Anthony and it's just all been working out so well that I am going to just assume the schedule thing will work out, too.
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