Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Year Ago Today

I read this article/interview with one of my favorite autism moms, and it really made me think.  I have had a few moments here recently where I've had to sort of stumble through explanations about how Anthony is five but he is not starting Kindergarten this year.  I always think, when I say it, "and maybe never!".  But reading this article made me think how grateful I am that Anthony is who Anthony is.  I mean, I know he is who he is and he's perfect for me and me for him, but I can't imagine what I would do if Anthony talked but had autism.  Or if I had had him in a day care situation.  My friend Emi had her son in daycare or preschool or something and he got basically kicked out because he was a behavior problem, and he really just had asperger's and adhd. I don't mean 'just', but you know what I mean.  Our road to finding out that Anthony had autism was long and funky, but not like it is for some.  We're lucky. 

We are thinking of selling our house and moving and I keep thinking, should we move to a different school district?  I can't imagine that we will send Anthony to a public school, full time, until he communicates better and I don't know when that will be.  We are, thanks to his school, starting him on three hours a week of speech therapy starting next week, he's also going to (supposedly) get 45 minutes of speech therapy at his public school.  He's going to start next week getting more occupational therapy at his regular school and 45 minutes a week at his public school - we are really throwing the book at him, therapy wise, and I think he is really going to do well with it.  I am BULLISH for the FUTURE, I told Mike today and I mean it.  He has a great team in place at school, he is **whispers** sleeping better, and I just have decided that things are going to go better for us.  If it works out with that damned public school, it works out, but if not, I will just yank him out and send him to his regular school every day. 

My mom and I were talking about Faith today and I really - I just know that it's going to work out like it's supposed to.  I am not going to ask God if Anthony could please stop taking off his dirty diaper and making a mess, and I am not going to ask if he could sleep better.  I am always, constantly, asking God for the best for Anthony.  I thank God every day, several times a day, that Anthony is who he is, that Mike is who he is, that Anthony's therapists are who they are and even that I am who I am.  It's all going to work out just like it's supposed to, I've decided. 

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