Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Profile in Courage

He is so cute and he has been having excellent days in school. We are trying to get him set up in the public school system but LORD LORD LORD these people! are! making! it! difficult! I am so lucky because I have several friends who work as teachers and they are all falling all over themselves to help me, it's really nice. I hope we can get something worked out but if we can't, we'll just keep him out. I read the paper, I told these people yesterday at my meeting with them. I read about the teacher who gave the kid a candy bar with peanuts (to which he was allergic) to try and debilitate him enough that he wouldn't go on the field trip and be a "behavior problem". I know about the school where they restrained the autistic kid with the belt to the chair. I am never having that happen to Anthony. He has a high, high threshold on his insurance and if he was ever going to be in any danger, I'll just leave him at his ABA school forever. They'll invent NEW grades for him maybe? 13th grade? 20th? I just - I can't put him in a situation where he is at risk. "I believe in Anthony!", this one woman was saying yesterday and I said "I do too, but I am not willing to risk his safety. You don't even KNOW him, how can you believe in him?" Oy.

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