Wednesday, August 04, 2010


This has never happened, needless to say. Anthony went swimming (!) today on a school trip and he has been wiped out. He lay down on the couch and Maria came in from our pool, naked of course and filthy, and joined him. They laid there for quite a while, like ten minutes! Anthony! Next to Maria! It was very exciting.

This is a hard week on us, Mike is away for the week and Mike and I were both gone this weekend. So Veronica is never anywhere but under my armpit, and Maria keeps saying "Daddy's at WORK?", like, COME ON LADY, how am I supposed to believe he's ALWAYS at WORK? Anthony is largely unaffected. :)

I had his meeting at school today and I think he is doing well. I was telling his new case manager and speech therapist that he hasn't always been the way that he is right now. I was trying to tell them that he used to be a very happy, sunshiney person all the time. We were talking about how to get him to do imitation and I was telling them that he used to sing and dance all the time and, of course, like the jackass that I am, I got a little overwhelmed and started to cry. I'm sure it's not anything that they haven't seen, but it is mortifying just the same. I'm just tired, I wanted to tell them, I'm fine! I'm not the nutball that I appear to be! But I think people that are crazy probably go around saying "I'm not really like this", so I just said I was sorry and let that be that.

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Heather said...

If it makes you feel any better, when I was digging through this the evening of my last day working with him, I cried when I saw the videos you have of him dancing/singing/playing like the clever, awesome little person he is.