Friday, August 13, 2010


Things are going along with us.  Anthony is having about the same time he normally does - some tantrums, some happiness, some sleep, some tearing the hell out of his room.  He got a hold of a package of wipes the night before last and - well, there were a lot of wipes thrown around the room, is what I'm saying.  I went in to get him and I saw this white stuff all over and I was so afraid it was his diaper, I didn't even care about the waste of all those wipes! 

He has been coming home on Friday afternoons for four weeks now, it's going pretty well.  We are going to start doing some outings, maybe the zoo, the museum, etc., but we are waiting for some cooler weather.  This weather is exhausting and ridiculous, there has been no break in it, I think is the problem.  I can't take them to the zoo at 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon when it's 95, I just can't.  It seems cruel!

I went to his meeting at his school here recently, it was great.  He works with this one therapist Pam, from the beginning they've worked together, and she is wonderful.  She puts up with exactly NO nonsense from him, but she seems to really care about him and he loves her.  His successes are her successes and that's just how I want anyone who works with him to feel. 

I am reading this book, and it's kind of depressing.  This woman's son has autism and I saw Autism, The Musical, and he seemed pretty profoundly affected to me.  I am always on the lookout for children who seem as autistic as Anthony.  But I'm reading this book and he's READING and DOING MATH and SLEEPING all night and I just - it feels like we will never get there.  Also, it seems like every damned book I read about someone with autism, they are the only child and the mother can put EVERYTHING into their one child's life and I just - can't.  So anyway, I think maybe I'll delve into a nice cheesy novel next and lay off the autism reading.  :) 

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Heather said...

You will so get there. HE will so get there, he is so smart. I miss the heck out of my days with that little man.