Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shifty McGee

Doesn't he look shifty here? He's not. He doesn't have a sneaky bone in his body, really. In fact, he is so sweet and guileless that it's amazing.

Anthony had a good week. He woke up about half the week in a tantrum, and I think for a while it had been *every day* so that's good, right? We have been getting outside a lot and it's not ideal, but it's better than winter, for sure. We have our new fence and it's great, but of course Anthony likes to go right out of my line of vision. So when I'm out there with the three of them, it can still be a little hairy. The other night after he went to bed, we couldn't find his shoes, we looked and looked. I knew they had to be in the yard, so I kept searching and finally found them in the window well by the crawl space. The window was open, which scared the life out of me because if he had crawled in there, and I lost him, I wouldn't have thought of that space first.  I would have been looking and looking around the neighborhood and he would have been in the crawl space and could he have gotten out? Who knows? So anyways, now I know and the window is shut and we are putting something in there to block it so it won't be an issue anymore. It is truly always something, with all little kids I think, but especially with Anthony. Like I don't think it occurs to him to climb over the chain-link fence that belongs to our neighbor, but he always stands on stuff (firewood, a sandbox behind our shed) to get up higher and he *could*, in theory, just swing his legs over. We met our cute neighbor kids this week and the five year old was doing just that. Anthony wouldn't copy what someone does, he's not into imitation, God knows, but still, it's nervewracking.

Today is my birthday and yesterday, he came home for therapy with Amy and his ... program manager? Case manager? I forget her title but her name is Jen came with Amy. I had some friends over for lunch and they were still here, so it was busy is what I'm saying. Anyway, Amy gave me a card from Anthony that his whole team had signed. She brought him over to me and he said "Happy Birthday to: " and Anthony said "YOU!". It's the best present I could have received and I got a Nook AND a Flip, ha!

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