Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hair Don't

I'm afraid we're getting to a decision-making time with Anthony's hair. It's getting so long. It's better this year than last, because they are doing a hairbrushing program at Anthony's school and it never gets knotted or anything like it used to. Also my sister gave him an awesomely awesome satin bedding set and that pillowcase really helps. But it is getting long, right?

I am just trying to keep my mind off the fact that he is doing his horseback riding thing today at camp. I am so, so nervous about it. It's just like being a regular, Mom, being a mom of someone with autism. Like it can suck more, and it can be better, but mostly it is the same. He is off to camp for the first time and I think about him all day and I talk to him about it at night and I am so nervous and so hopeful that it will work out. Only instead of hoping he'll meet a friend or something, I am hoping he doesn't get too freaked out when they put him on a horse. I just hope he isn't scared, I hope he does well, I hope I hope I hope.

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