Saturday, June 25, 2011


Anthony's therapist Kristi sent me this picture. She took it when they went on an outing this week, they were at a park and she said what a great time he had. This picture is amazing, to me, I can't stop looking at it. When I look at him and I know that he can be happy, that he can be at peace and laughing, I have to keep trying to do everything in my power to keep him that way, at least MOST of the time.

He had swimming today and it's going well, Mike's been taking him so I only have his word to go by, but he is pretty trustworthy, ha! He starts his camp this week, I am a little nervous but mostly excited. I keep talking to him about it but even if he did listen to me, he has no reference, he's never done anything like this before. I just hope it goes well, I hope he has good weather for it and I hope above all else that he likes this horseback riding that he'll be doing. I am long past expecting us to have a Rosebud-type epiphany where everything is just poof! all better, but I hope that hippotherapy is something that could be beneficial to Anthony and that maybe if he likes it, we could do it again. We'll see. You never know, as my nephew Parker used to say. You never know.
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