Friday, June 18, 2010

Anthony's Birthday Card

Here's Anthony's card, that he got in school. He is a lucky boy to be so well liked and loved by all the therapists and people there. It's hard to believe that he turned five, right? I can barely remember bringing him home from the hospital, it seems like such a long time ago, but it doesn't seem like he could be five, either.

It's hard for me to say how Anthony is at five years old. He is always the same, to me. When he's happy, he's so happy and you can't help but love him so much and then when he's sad or mad, he's *really* sad or mad, and you can't help but love him so much then, too. I'd say at five years old, Anthony likes: school, Mommy and Daddy, playing outside, finding new things to hold up near his face, the bath, eating hot dogs, french fries, fruit, and cheese. He drinks only water, and very occassionally juice (Crystal Light), and usually out of the pitcher. He likes grapes and blueberries a lot! He is good about getting his teeth brushed, I always tell him let's try and brush his teeth well so that we NEVER have to have teeth filled like we did a few months ago. I guess I could say at five years old Anthony DISLIKES the dentist. He doesn't like going to sleep. He doesn't like being told what to do. He says a lot of words, but he doesn't say them at home nearly as much as he does in school. Sometimes he gets very sad, seemingly out of nowhere, but we're working on it. Maria and Veronica both love him a lot and want to be with him all the time, and of course he doesn't love that. He is incredibly patient with Maria, who takes every opportunity there is to jump on him or pull on him, or move him around.

What can I say about him? I love him so much? I'd do anything for him? He's my favorite boy, he's my favorite PERSON, and I really, truly admire him. I used to think when people said that they respected their kids or whatever, that they were full of it. But I really do respect Anthony, he makes me want to be good and kind and sweet to him, and in turn to his sisters, and in TURN, to other people. I am largely a misanthrope, so that's a big change for me! Also, just because I WANT to be nice to everyone doesn't mean I am, yet. But I am working on it. We are all working hard to make Anthony's world better for him. I don't even care what that better world looks like - I don't care if he talks or doesn't, or goes to regular school or doesn't, I don't care! I just want him to be happy and feel good about his life. So far, so good.
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Anonymous said...

Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Boy! Joanne, this is the sweetest post. Isn't it amazing how much children change who you are? I am such a different person these days...much love to you and your brood.