Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hard Times

These are hard times, here lately with Anthony. Did I say one of his new therapists was very rude to me one day last week? I told her she didn't need to speak to me like that and now she doesn't work there anymore. Wouldn't it be nice if life were just like that always? If you could just not like someone and they would go away? Not like a situation and it would improve? I wish with all my heart that Anthony could get a little happier. I am so worried that this isn't just a phase, that he is just going to get sadder and more tense. Mike says it's just a phase and that's what I try to believe but man. It's difficult, sometimes. He always loves the bath, though. He was sick yesterday, he seemed SO puny and tired in the morning and then sure enough, he threw up at school right after Mike left. He came home and threw up again and then laid around for a while. He got steadily better all day and now is fine. So that's good. There is a lot of good with Anthony - it's just that when there's bad, it's so loud and horrible, it sort of overshadows that good. BUT he always does like that bath, if he does have meltdowns here lately, they are shorter and less intense. He is still our sweet boy in every single way.


Mama Reiberg said...

if it makes you feel any better, lucas is pretty cranky pants these days...i'm calling it four year old ennui, but really i just wanna scream

Lacey said...

this one made me cry...I pray it's just a phase. But man is he a cutie in pictures!