Monday, June 21, 2010


But honestly, I never, EVER catch them near one another, so it was this or nothing. I did order a new camera - it's actually a Nikon D3000, because they don't make the D40 anymore. Not to get too technical, ha! Anyways, Anthony has been sick yesterday and today and it is a complete DRAG. I cut my fingers yesterday on a glass, while doing dishes, and I have had to wash my hands approximately 10,000 times today, which stings like hell! ANYWAY. Anthony woke up super, super sick today - he had vomited up everything he, and I guess lots of other people ate yesterday. It was so, so gross - Mike had to rinse him off in the tub before he could fill it - he was covered. Then he threw up again, and then he seemed to get better. He's been eating well today and seems to feel okay, so I'm hopeful that it was just a little bug. There is nothing sadder than a sick Anthony, I'll tell you that.
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