Thursday, June 03, 2010


So I am on an enforced camera-break around here, since my was stolen. I am getting a new one, but I want to be sure that the check from the insurance company is one its way before I order the replacement.

Anthony is doing okay, he is definitely better than he was a few weeks ago, but worse than he was doing a few months ago, tantrum wise. He seems to be really on-edge all the time, and then I am, too. He can be very unhappy right before he falls asleep, so Mike and I spend most of our evenings sitting downstairs watching tv and listening to Anthony fret, and fretting ourselves. It stinks.

We are trying some new things in school - he is going to start having some therapy here, at home, in the afternoons. I had become sort of complacent with regard to Anthony, thinking that he was just being taken care of at school, but I think that when you have a child with Autism (or maybe any special need, I don't know), you have to constantly be after people to take care of your child. You have to call and email and watch and sort of be Anthony's eyes and ears, because he can't. It's good to know - I don't think we've lost too much ground, and now I know that everyone has to be watched like a hawk. I don't mind, it doesn't bother me to tell people what I think they should do. I'm bossy like that. :)

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