Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Forgive the long shot

... but I'm trying to preserve some of Maria's dignity! I want to show how she was dragging him around. He was up on the table and she went and got him. She pulls him around like a RAG DOLL or something. I tried to take a bunch of pictures of Anthony but he wasn't having it. He has been doing much better here lately, except when he's not. Ha! He is doing well in school and we are working on his schedule so that we can get more accomplished. We are trying to alleviate certain foods from his diet to see if it helps him. We think he seems bugged by the acid in strawberries and tomatoes. When I was a kid, I used to get canker sores from them, and maybe he is the same? It seems to upset his stomach. Unfortunately, he really likes pizza, so we are trying to figure out options. He likes white pizza fine, or garlic bread with cheese, so although he's stinky, he's happy with that. I wish he ate more, different foods, but I suppose I should just be happy he has an apple a day. He certainly seems healthy, I suppose. This is sort of rambly, it's what happens when days go by without me posting anything. He's doing fine, we're doing fine, Maria is dragging him around, the usual.

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