Sunday, June 27, 2010

Haircuts and Imagination

We cut Anthony's hair today, it went as well as it's ever gone, I guess. It's so hard because instead of getting really mad now when we cut his hair, he gets super, super sad. I would rather have him mad at me than think that I am causing him to be so sad. BUT it only took like six minutes, and there was such a pile of hair on the floor when we were done it's hard to not think it must feel better for him.

I was reading a review of Toy Story 3 in Entertainment Weekly and this line stuck out at me:

That spirit of imagination hasn’t gone out of our world — it’s there every time a child picks up an inanimate object of fun and sees, feels, experiences the hidden life in it.

I got super sad, myself, reading it. Maria will play with her tea set ("tease", she calls it) and pretend to glug tea into the cup, we say "cheers!" and pretend to drink tea, she has endless imagination. Even Veronica pretends to talk on the phone. But Anthony just - doesn't. He is much more likely to smack himself lightly on the face with the teacup than ever pretend to drink tea from it. I guess he has no spirit of imagination? No imagination at all?

I wonder if it's in there, at all. He used to pretend to talk on the phone when he was little, can we get it back? Do we want to? I have no idea what the answers are, here, but it makes me sad when I read something that assumes that all kids have this wonderful life, imagining and playing and whooping it up and there Anthony is, whacking the side of his head with a ruler and calling it a good time.

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