Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Better Days

Good God, is he cute or what? These are better days because a) he seems happy and now he is howling away upstairs as I type and b) he is clearly eating grilled cheese and fries here, something he no longer does. Anthony hasn't been sleeping well, I curse that damned break, I feel like he'll never recover from it. I keep thinking it will get better. But lately I think I am sort of living the kind of life that I always thought people with profoundly autistic kids lived. Like I think of this tv movie with Brooke Shields and it was about some kid with autism and she was helping him, but she did this crazy "hugging therapy" that everyone said would never work and then it did! Anyway, everyone in that movie was pretty miserable and the kid was just, like not even there or something. It's not always like that, but more and more, it seems. Or maybe we are just tired.

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