Friday, January 14, 2011


We are about to have home therapy for the first time in several weeks, because of break and then Amy was sick.  But she's better and break's over and hopefully we'll have some fun today.

My sister Laura babysat last night, which was a fun surprise.  She came over after I got Anthony, to bring Maria her birthday present (an excellent Dora doll) and I mentioned I had to go to Target, so she said if Mike wanted to go she would stay at our house.  So that was fun, we went to Target TOGETHER and we went out and Mike ate dinner and I drank wine and it was fun.  Laura called while I was out and said Anthony was making a lot of noise and she went up and he was naked!  So she got him dressed again, but she said she was calling to say he'd probably be naked when we got home.  We got home about an hour later, because really?  Who cares?  It was about 11:15 or so and he was, in fact, naked, and lying down on the chair/bed I got him.  It was hilarious, to see that sweet cute bottom sticking up on that Toy Story chair.  We rolled him over to his bed, (I should say his mattress, he's been tearing them apart) and threw a diaper on him and covered him up and he stayed asleep.  He was crying this morning around 6:30 but I think he had gotten out from under his blanket and he was cold.  I laid down with him and sang to him and rubbed his back and he went back to sleep for a while.  He's so tired anymore.  Every morning we tell him, you wouldn't feel like this if you'd just get some rest at night, but he either doesn't understand or doesn't care.

I was telling a friend this morning, between this therapy dog and the iPad, Anthony is becoming an expensive person to have!  These kids have been pretty cheap so far, though, so I'm not worried.  They were mostly breastfed, they wear hand-me-downs, etc.  I'm excited that something might help Anthony feel better.  He had some WHOPPER tantrums yesterday and I find it very difficult to keep up with them.  I am so hopeful that something will work - something has to work and I figure it's up to me, as his mother, to figure out what.

That stupid fake doctor in England who said that the MMR vaccine was responsible for bowel problems and autism was proven this week to be - not just a fake - but a fraudulent, money grubbing bastard.  I feel bad for people who believed him and based their whole view of autism on this one fact.  It is incredibly hard to not know what made your child have autism, the medical community DOESN'T do very much but ... I think that's because it's not really a medical condition.  That sucks but that's the truth of it.  It's a communication disorder, a delay, and we have to treat it as such.  I can't treat Anthony's autism with medicine, because it's not a medical problem.  He doesn't sleep well but I can't medicate him, I can't drug him, because he is just a little boy.  I mean, he could probably stand to relax a little bit but I'm not going to give him a glass of wine or something!

Today is Delurking Day in Blogdom, where if you are a LURKER, that is, someone who reads this blog but never posts, you should make a comment.  I've relaxed the rules on the blog so that anyone can comment, so please, feel free to leave one.  I have a site meter on the blog and I know many people look at it every day, so let's hear it!


Stimey said...

Yay for getting out alone as a couple! Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I am a lurker who is also your sister. I love the blogs and read them all the time. Thanks for keeping them! lk

Anonymous said...

I am a total LURKER, but no more. I'll click 'anonymous' at the bottom b/c I don't have any of those other things...but I love reading about Anthony and your girls - but mostly, I think you've totally got your sh*t together as a mom. Meaning, your priorities are spot on and to the heck with things that may have been important prior to kids (like a spotless house or looking good for the starbucks barista). Anyway. No more lurking for me. At least for today.

Anne Penny Valentine

Anonymous said...

I guess I am a lurker too, but I am also grandma. I look forward to any bit posted about my babies. I think you know that in my opinion God gave Anthony to the perfect parents.

Stephanie said...

I am not really a lurker, because I do comment, but I love your are great at keeping it real and I appreciate that. I hope the Ipad helps for Anthony, they are super cool!

Colleen said...

Um, therapy dog? Did I miss something?

Anonymous said...

I never thought of myself as a "lurker," but I guess that's what I've been. Now that I see I can be anonymous, that's the perfect answer.
Your father and I love the blogs--the pictures--everything about them.
It's not really like being there, but it helps. Love you all,


Unknown said...

The iPad thing sounds so, so exciting and I feel like it could be a more versatile option as compared to those "talker" things, which are so clunky and difficult to get your hands on. And a therapy dog?! That sounds exciting. I miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those people who reads your blog and never here you go. I love your blog, your honesty, and real-world view of mothering. I think you are doing a WONDERFUL job (from what I read). In my previous life (that is the one I had before I became a Mom) I was a special educator and worked with lots of kiddos like Anthony. I look forward to my time each day when I get to sit down and read your updates. Thanks for sharing!