Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Lately, I have been getting very annoyed that we just can't do anything when the weather is bad.  All during break, we were inside allll day, and then on the weekends and this past Monday for MLK day, it's just been bugging me.  So I called the Y this week and we are going to start Anthony in swimming lessons!  Isn't that exciting?  There is a program called WAVES that the Y has, it's for special needs kids and they start out one on one, which is thrilling.  Anthony is used to one on one and I just don't think he'd thrive, right away anyway, in a class environment.

So on Thursdays, starting this week and going for six more weeks, we're going to go to swimming lessons.  Amy told me that he really enjoyed his swimming outings this summer, so I am bullish about it.  Of course, whenever I am bullish about something with regard to these kids, it ends up backfiring horribly, but I'm sick of being so jinxy and worried all the time.  So of we'll go.  Parents aren't *allowed* in the pool, which thrills me NO END, but it makes me all nerves too.  I'll keep you posted!

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Anonymous said...

We're so happy to hear of this new adventure and hope it goes smoothly and works out well.

It sounds great.