Monday, January 31, 2011


This is also off Mike's phone, you can tell Anthony likes him too. It's hard, because Anthony isn't always ... well, he's always affectionate but he's sometimes kind of disconnected from it, and sometimes with me, he is a downright user! Like he is hugging me but he is only in it for the skin-on-skin contact. But we know he loves us, so it's not an issue of that. I just hope that he is happier than he seems, sometimes. I wonder - I worry and worry about these tantrums, and when one will hit and I dread it and I wonder, does he worry about it too? Does it hit him out of nowhere or does it scare him? It freaks me out too much to think about it. So here's a happy go lucky picture of our happy boy. We'll just go with that.

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