Monday, October 26, 2009


Anthony got a '2' this morning AND afternoon in school, a '1' is the worst and a '5' is the best. So. Not great. He seems tortured, to me, a lot lately. But just now when we were outside, he was running and tripped and I said "be careful, Anthony" and he said "Careful!"

He did eat a whole hot dog for lunch today, which was good, as he hasn't been eating much of anything. We have to get him to eat something besides hot dogs as his only source of protein, he's off cheese right now. It's amazing how annoying things are to me, now. Like he has forever liked this cheese stick, made by Sargento, it's a colby and jack cheese or something. He doesn't like other cheese sticks, just this one. But a few weeks ago, it started sucking - I don't know what the hell they've done, it's just bad - it's hard and ... bad. So now he hates it and I have no hope, it would seem, of him liking any cheese ever again. I knew a mom from Anthony's old school whose son would only eat sour cream and onion potato chips and I used to think, well, at least he eats cheese. And green beans. And kosher hot dogs! But he's eating less and less. I hope, like everything else, it's a phase. We're making a better effort to sit at the tables for meals, all of us, and it's going well. He is up to eight + minutes at the table. Maybe next will come a more refined pallate. :)
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Lisa said...

does he like yogurt, gogurts? Eggs? I put cheese in the scrambled eggs, Adri loves that. Meatballs, I make ground turkey meatballs, they both love them. What about the mozz. cheese sticks, the string cheese sticks?

Joanne said...

They won't eat eggs, either of them, and he won't eat any cheese now, but we keep trying. Last night I offered them bagel hot dogs, like the party ones? But he barely touched them. He used to love yogurt but no more. He likes what he likes! :)