Saturday, October 03, 2009


Another good week at school. He has been sleeping all night, but doesn't fall asleep until he bangs around in his room for 90 minutes or so. I assume we'll settle into some kind of a pattern soon, in the meantime this is okay. I mean, I do not enjoy hearing him in there, but he is sleeping all the important times of the night and not waking anyone up, so we'll take it. He has been saying "Bye!" and "Bye, Daddy!" to Mike in the mornings. He still refuses to say "Hi!" to me, but someday soon, I bet.

I had a TERRIBLE experience last week in Maria's Toddler and Me class. Ha, part of it was terrible because I was chasing Maria around and then at the end of it we sang "Where is Thumbkin?", which we used to sing at the end of class when I took it with Anthony, several years ago. I hadn't thought about it in a long time, but he used to LOVE that song. Mike or I would sing it for him when he was in the tub and he'd go crazy with happiness about it. And I just - it came on me, kind of all at once, that he is not that happy little boy anymore. I don't think we lost him, in some sort of autism way, but it's just his life is so much more complicated now - he has to work SO hard every day at learning what comes to others so easily. I really feel for him, and I guess that's what made me cry when I heard that song. It was very embarassing, but it wasn't the most embarassed I was all morning, thanks to Maria. Ha!
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Abby said...

That is a sweet and sad story. It sounds like you are really happy with the progress that he is making though. He is one lucky boy to have such a good mama.