Saturday, October 17, 2009


What's So Great About Anthony?

Well. I mean, what isn't, these days? We are incredibly proud of him and impressed by all the work that he does every school day, and I do mean work. He always seems so happy to see me when I go pick him up, but he doesn't seem desperate or anything. He seems very trusting, which is something I never thought I'd see from him. Some things that I'd put on this list two years ago, I can't put on here now. Like he's not really a great dancer anymore, but he used to be. He doesn't like to dance so much now, but maybe it's still in there, deep down? Anyways. Here's what's so great about Anthony:

He has a high threshold for pain, which I am realizing came in very handy when he was teething. His sisters seem like big WUSSIES in comparison.
He is very sweet and loving.
He is incredibly social - his therapists are very impressed by that, it's unusual, I think, and is serving him well at school.
He's gorgeous. Really, I think he is perfect.
He's smart and has a great memory.
He is learning things every day that must blow his mind, but he remains our sweet Anthony at home.
He's loud - I could never lose him in a crowd.
He's good at listening to us - when I go for a walk with him and Maria, she is always the one I have to worry about leaving me and running off.
He's very photogenic.
He's started to ask for food by name and sometimes add "please". Polite!
He's so, so SO patient with Maria. He is nicer than I am. This morning, she was practically WHIPPING him around and he just takes it. For NOW he takes it, I tell Maria.
He loves to sing. It's not always pretty, and sometimes it's downright scary in the car, but he loves it.
He inspires me to be faithful - I mean, I am a faithful person, but Anthony makes me want to believe all that crap about all things being possible. He makes me believe it. I really think he'll be okay, that we all will. If we can just survive Maria! Ha!

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