Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Isn't he gorgeous? He is breaking my heart, though, just like a real dreamboat. He's feeling better, although he's still home today, since he had a fever yesterday and they like you to be 24 hours fever free before you go back to school. But before, he was crying and crying in the kitchen. I came in and wiped his face and asked him what was wrong and he was kind of choking and sobbing and he said "Mommy" and "Owee". Oh, I can't stand it - it's so, so hard to not know what is wrong with him and just be asking over and over, crying myself, what I can do to help. Thank God for Maria, because she at least adds a little comedy to these sad moments by stepping on my bare feet while I am trying to tend to Anthony. Anyways, here he is outside playing and eating some garlic bread. He's getting better.

Oh! And also talking more. Yesterday, his AM therapist wrote under speech "Said "What's your name?"" I saw it and couldn't BELIEVE it, he never talks like that, that many words. But Mike was saying it to him earlier and he sure does say it. He's not really asking, he doesn't care what your name is, but we'll take it. Baby steps.
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Alivia Quallen said...

He seems to be learning so much at the school that he is at. I am so happy for you and Mike. Ava threw up in the middle of the night just once. She seemed fine this morning and I sent her to school. Noboby has called yet so I guess it is all good.