Tuesday, October 20, 2009


He looks like Veronica, to me, in this shot. He's tired, today. He was CRAZY last night and God knows when he went to sleep. I hope that means he'll sleep well tonight. I read about some kids with autism that are awake for like 21 hours straight, and who sleep like two hours a night. I hope that's never us. He's been having great days at school and today his therapist brought out a bag of clothes for us, from another Mom at school. Her son had outgrown them and he's an only child, so she gave them to Anthony. I'm embarrassed because one day last week, one of his therapists put a rope around his waist to keep up his new pants, so I'm afraid the mom thinks we don't know how to dress him! It was very nice of her, of course, she's the same mom who advised me about the insurance for Anthony's school.

I also talked to the Special Ed person in the town that Anthony goes to school. The director of Special Ed at Anthony's school from last year told me that now that Anthony goes to school in another county, he has to get services from there. Of course it's not true, we didn't think it was, because where Anthony goes isn't really a school. It's the worst kind of runaround, but I am determined to see it through because Anthony is entitled to those therapies and I just feel like we should get in the habit of getting him what he is entitled to. So we'll see what happens.
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Mama Reiberg said...

i used to work with children with autism. i had one boy who went through periods of never sleeping. it was so hard on everyone involved, mostly the child. Amazingly enough to all of us, he out grew it...i still remember his teacher of record saying, "a phase, just like every other kid in the world." it really resonated with me...