Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hair Don't

Isn't he so cute?  His hair was like that the other day when I went in to get him and I called Mike up to look - I couldn't believe it, it looked like a tornado was in it or something.  He kills me with how cute he is.  He had an okay week, even though he had a stupid SNOW DAY yesterday.  It's crazy - we were up at 5:00 and we saw that the school system that his school goes by had a delay, which made us happy because that means he'd have regular school.  Then at 7:00 Mike saw it was a delay and then at like 7:30 they had changed it to them being closed.  What in the hell?  I would think by then some people may have already left to go to school.  And OF COURSE, everything was FINE by 9:30 or whatever.  Here's the thing - it was snowing and there was some wind.  But my LORD - it's winter!  It's Indiana!  What are we to expect?  And I know that his school has to go by some school system or another but it seems SO stupid that we have to be closed just because a certain school district is afraid of their richie-rich students and parents being upset because the little darlings might get some SNOW on them.  Veronica's therapist lives there and she said that normally the town plows all the side streets but that they hadn't gotten to them when she left for our appointment (8:30).  And I feel for them but BOO HOO, they never TOUCH the side streets in Indianapolis!  I think there are like 10 major roads that they plow and that's it!  Suck it up, suburbanites!  

Mike had to stay home from work because I had Veronica's speech therapy and then I had to take Maria to ballet and I just don't know how I'd do it with Anthony, too.  The funny thing is, Anthony is really not the problem but I can't beat Maria down during Veronica's therapy and watch Anthony and I can't watch Anthony while Veronica exits the damned building every two seconds while Maria takes ballet.  Also, Anthony's tantrums are back with a vengeance and it would be hard for me to control him and the other two if he were to get upset.  So.  Mike stayed home and we are lucky he's able to, I don't know what I would have done otherwise. It makes me wonder what do other people do.  What do single parents of autistic kids do?  Ugh.  

Anyways.  So his tantrums are back and that stinks but we had that excellent week where he was sleeping and never having meltdowns and that still happened. Like I think of it when he's yelling now, how sweet it was when he was happy.  I know it's possible now and it will be possible again, I just have to wait.  

One of his therapists told me this week that they have figured out what his problem is - I mean, why he gets upset, and that it is jealousy, straight up!  She was training a new therapist who is going to work in the new facility, and she said every time she took her attention off Anthony to tell this other therapist something, Anthony would get mad.  It is reassuring to me, because that's what we find at home, too.  He mostly gets upset when he is left alone, when we are doing something with the girls.  BUT lots of times we try and do stuff with him and HE leaves.  So it's a conundrum, still, but it's nice to have some information.  As my sister says, it's fun to be fooled, but it's better to know.  

He is still enjoying swimming, I think he really looks forward to it and is glad to be here.  We filed our taxes and we're going to get him an iPad when we get our money back.  Maybe some day it will be above 50 degrees again and we can go outside more and all be happier.  Oh, we did go for a walk yesterday, just Anthony and me.  We went down the sidewalk a ways and then turned around and we came back and he turned right into our driveway and headed up it.  It made me happy, to know that he knows where to turn.  I know that might seem dumb but ... well anyways I am glad.  

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