Sunday, February 06, 2011


Sometimes he gets really mad, Veronica was all up in his grill and he didn't like it. He had a pretty good day yesterday, he had a few near-misses where I thought he was going to have a tantrum and he didn't. Last night one of his old and most favorite therapists came over to babysit and they got to spend some time together after the girls went to bed, so that was nice, too. It was snowing before, but we're not supposed to get much, so I am assuming he'll have school tomorrow. He was off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I could see Tuesday and I suppose Wednesday but by Thursday it was really ridiculous. His school goes by the Carmel school schedule, which is fine, but I wish they could be a little more flexible about it. Like, I suppose Carmel didn't have school all those days because the CHILDREN would have to STAND in the ICE at their BUS STOP and oh noes! we can't have that, which is fine by me. But Anthony doesn't take the bus, it just seemed ridiculous for them to miss all those days. I mean - this ice is not going to melt for the forseeable future, so it seems to me that these cities should make some sort of contingency plan. Anyway. He was home all week and he did very well, considering everything.

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