Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last Friday

It's hard to believe, on this rainy crappy old Tuesday, that just last Friday we were outside playing! Here's Anthony with Amy, who we all love so much. Maria waits and waits for Friday! And Amy! Today I went up to get her from her nap and she was yelling until I came in. I said "Hi!" and she said, all impatient, "are we going to see Amy TODAY?".

Anthony is home this afternoon and so is Mike, thank God. Veronica and I were sick and now Anthony is sick. The only ones that are safe, so far, are Mike and Maria. Anthony is really no different sick than he is healthy, if he doesn't have a fever. He just must have kind of a stomach bug and although Veronica is throwing up all over her father, seemingly all the time, Anthony just has some d-ha, as my friend Emily calls it.

I am looking for pictures for our Christmas card and I came upon this one. Have you ever seen such a smile? I think about that woman who killed her son, did he never smile? Was he never happy? How does it get to be too much?
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