Saturday, November 27, 2010


Ugh, I was going to say that it was Sunday. These long weekends are KILLING me. Maria kept saying today, "I go see teacher TOMORROW?". They are all off their schedule. Anyways, here is Anthony with his sisters in the bathtub last night. He is *wary* at best. Veronica, as you can see, if having the TIME of her LIFE! Anthony seems to have kind of a soft spot for Veronica. Today I was holding her and kissing her belly and she was laughing, adorably, and Anthony actually looked over at her. Big excitement!

He had a hard day today, a terrible awful tantrum last night right before I went out, and just ... not a great weekend. I was so MAD today, he was flipping out and Mike was at the store with Maria and Veronica was upstairs and I was downstairs with Anthony. I was doing joint compressions on him, his ankles and I was trying to do them really hard, so that he could feel them through the tantrum. I started to PUSH against his ankle like I was PUSHING against this stupid autism that is kicking our collective ass here lately and it really felt better. I thought, there has to be a way to make him feel better, he can't tantrum like this for FORTY minutes! You should see the way he FLOPS his body into the floor! He has bruises on his back! So. I was getting a little mad about it and I tried to hold him, like cradle him like a baby and then DROP! him. This involves me holding a 55 pound person and then doing a fast, deep knee bend. He loves it, of course. "Drop!" he says. Actually, he tries to get away with saying "Drum!" because he can be kind of a lazy S.O.B., but I make him say "Drop!" and then I do these deep knee bends. Oh, he started to laugh and relax and my legs were burning, ON FIRE, but I did not care. I would have done them all day. I know it's such a relief to him when he is let go from the tantrum and it is to us, too.

Tonight in Church the gospel was about the "Stay awake!", thing, because you'll neither know the hour nor the day. I thought, I'm awake. Don't you worry. I'm always awake. :)

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Lisa said...

Do what you have to I suppose! AND, I LOVE the tub pic!