Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Listening Program

So I was talking to a mom of a newly diagnosed child and she said he has been doing The Listening Program therapy and it seems like it's going well.  I think maybe we'll look into it for Anthony.  They have providers here, why not?  I want to keep trying stuff.

He is crazy.  It's 8:25 and he's up in his room, cackling away.  He laughs and chatters away, which is great.  Then sometimes he gets upset and cries, like before.  He cried and I went up and he was naked as a jaybird, which made me glad I went up there!  He was sweet, he said "good night" when I said it to him.  Well.  I said it SEVERAL TIMES and then he said it.  But he was sweet and lovey and lately he likes to play with my hair, which is cute.

See?  Not it's 8:26 and he's sort of crying.  Sheesh.  Oh, how I am praying that he likes this new house, that they all do.  We have our appraisal here tomorrow and that is the last piece of the puzzle.  I suppose it could go badly - they could appraise our house for less than what the people are buying it, and then I don't know what I'd do.  I am just hoping and praying that it all goes well - there is no reason that it shouldn't, our house is priced exactly right and it should be fine.  Meanwhile I am NOT that into cleaning this house again so some stranger can come in again, but at least this should be it.

Tomorrow is Friday, which is always a fun day - we have home therapy with Anthony and everyone gets to see Amy, which makes everyone happy.  Maria waits all week for it to be Friday!

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