Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I read the saddest thing on the internet this week. I follow a lot of autism moms on Twitter and someone linked to a blog that said "11 year old autistic boy speaks!" and I read it. But it was such a setup. The mom said that her family was at a big holiday celebration and her son, who was non verbal, came over and said "I'm thirsty!" so she got him a drink and then he drank it and said "that was great, I love you Mom". She said then he went and played and interacted and it was just like she always thought it would be. She said he came back to her and said it again, "I love you, Mom". And then I woke up, she said. Waaah!

I have to say, I never dream that Anthony is different, but I have dreamed that he is talking and talking to me. I think it was even before I had Maria talking. It was so nice, in my dream, the way he was just chatting about his day, whatever. I never dream that he doesn't have autism. I never dream that he is in a regular kindergarten or whatever because I have no reference for it, maybe. Or maybe .. I don't know, it's not a figurative dream of mine that he'll talk, so it's not a literal one. I used to want him to talk and now I just think - I want him to be happy. Mike says, and I agree, we want him to be interested in SOMETHING. I don't care if it's us, just something.

He had a good day today and he is going to start going all week next week, so I'm hoping that works out. He had a good day in occupational therapy today and that's always promising. It makes him mad, I think, to feel so good in OT (he swings, jumps, crawls through stuff) and then he has to get back to work and I think he's mad about it, sometimes. But hopefully as he continues with it, he'll be able to do some stuff on his own to make himself feel good.

We are moving a week from today. I hope you people out there are praying and thinking good thoughts for us and especially for Anthony. My sweet Aunt Joan emailed me last week to wish me luck and I can feel it, every day. I can barely do this job, but I know for sure I couldn't do it at all if it weren't for my family and friends being so good and sweet to me and to Anthony.

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Jana said...

Oh, I will be thinking of and praying for all five of you during the next few weeks. I hope that things go smoothly, especially for sweet Anthony.