Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Can it really be only Tuesday?  How is this possible?  What is up with the Daylight Savings Time phenom?  We haven't had DST for too long in Indiana, which I thought was hilariously weird when I moved here, and I still do, actually.  Lots of people HATE it and HATE the legislators for bringing it to Indiana.  Lots of people are MAD at our governor for MAKING us DO IT when it CONFUSES the COWS.  I'm not really mad at anyone but I am amazed at how early it makes everyone wake up around here and how long it has made the days seem.

Poor Anthony was up in the night.  Yesterday was Mike's birthday so we went to Five Guys for dinner and then to Cold Stone Creamery for dessert and then to Pat Flynn's to watch some Monday Night Football.  My sister babysat and she said she heard Anthony cry, like really cry, so she got him a glass of water and then went up there and she said he was FINE and DANDY.  He was all, "Hi, Laura, welcome to my room!".  Ha!  He fell asleep around 9:00, I guess and we went to sleep around 11:30 or so, then he was up at 1:45 with a dirty diaper (ugh, and a rash, poor baby).  He never really woke up, just cried and cried and then went back to sleep and we left.  Maria heard him screaming and she was up, but only briefly and then both girls were up at 5:30, which - ugh.  Too early!  Anthony slept until like 7:00, which is *whispers* pretty good.  I hate to think we are ever going to have to give Anthony sleep aids, I just don't like the idea of it, for him.  He has been doing great lately and I am not even going to erase that, for fear that I will jinx us.  I don't believe in jinxes.  I DON'T.

Anyways, I might add a picture later, but I wanted to post so I don't forget.

No Picture, but I had a thought about this post - I would like to do something productive with this posting every day, instead of just saying, blah blah blah, Anthony woke up, blah blah tantrum, blah blah we're tired.  I am lucky to have read a bunch of stuff on the internet and 'met' a lot of really great moms who have kids with autism.  So I go around with all this information and I don't share it and ... well, what the hell, right?  So here's a link to Stimeyland, one of my favorite blogs, and this is one of my favorite posts.  I recently made a new friend on Facebook, who just got a diagnosis of autism for her little boy and I recommended this to her, but I want to put it on Anthony's blog, too. So here it is.

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Stimey said...

That's funny about daylight savings time. Indiana always confused me because you didn't do it before.

Thanks for including my piece here and for saying such nice things about me. :)