Tuesday, September 25, 2007


He was really freaked out, like he saw a ghost! I have no idea, as ever, what he is thinking. His face is almost completely better now, though. After these pictures, when I was wiping the Oreo cookie ("cookie! cookie!, he demands) off his face, I wiped off the remaining scratch too. So he's clean again.




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Thursday, September 20, 2007


These are really nice smiles on Anthony (from last night) but they show his nasty injury that he sustained on Tuesday. He flew off the back step the other day and scraped his forehead, nose and philitrum.

More Last Week

Mike was gone last week and it was MURDER. So I did take pictures but I didn't get a chance to put them up until now. He got home on Tuesday night, and now can never go anywhere ever AGAIN.

Last week

These are pictures I submitted for my assignment for the photography class I was taking. Mike bought it for me for Mother's Day and I just finished it. It was a good class, I knew next to nothing about my new camera so it's ... well I was going to say it's helped a lot, but I guess we'll see about that!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

In the mirror

This is one of his favorite places. He loves looking in the mirror. He could spend *hours* there. Mike left for his Europe trip today, and as a going away gift, Anthony didn't really sleep well last night and didn't nap today. Who could miss that?

Friday, September 07, 2007

Mike took these


When we stayed with my cousin Brian and his wife Janet this summer, his kids, Brendan and Kate, were SO nice to Anthony. They were especially nice considering that he got up and started knocking LOUDLY on the door before six! Kate gave him her letters, because he liked them so much. I can't say how much he plays with them, he really loves them.


We have entered a severe climbing stage. All non-essential furniture has been moved to the basement, as Anthony moves everything around in order to climb up on the island, the countertops, anything. Mike took the ones on the table Wednesday, I think.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Last week

Monday? On Wedesday afternoon, he fell asleep in the car right after a playgroup so I figured I'd take him to Edinburgh to the outlets. He hasn't been napping, so I figured he'd at least get an hour that way and I could get some new pillows and some new shirts for Mike at the Ralph Lauren store there. We got the stuff, the woman at the store walked me out to the car, all was well. I took Anthony to the Motherhood store and then decided it was too much, when he wouldn't stop running behind the counter. As I went to pick him up to take him out, he didn't want to go and poked me right in the eye. I drove home okay and it was sore, but not terrible. Then Friday night it got really bad, tearing and hurting a *lot*. Mike took me to the ER on Saturday morning and they said yes, it was a scratched cornea. It hurts like crazy. Of all the things I thought I'd need for this job, safety goggles was not one of them. Anyway, I haven't taken any pictures of him since then, any good ones anyway, so this is the last picture I took of him with two good eyes.